Berlin and Hamburg linked to Lyon by direct flight

For the first time, Volotea is linking the City of Lights to two new German destinations: Hamburg and Berlin.

Fri, 05/19/2023 - 09:58

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Direction Berlin & Hambourg by direct flight from Lyon from October 2023!

Volotea announces the opening of 2 new destinations from Lyon:
Berlin and Hamburg.

Lyon residents eager or simply curious about the other side of the Rhine will be able to discover two new German destinations from Lyon, Hamburg and Berlin, as of October 10 and 12. These new flights make the airline the 2nd largest in terms of network from Lyon with 33 direct destinations.

Discover these 2 German cities from Lyon.

Berlin Allemagne

Berlin, a city with many facets

Berlin offers you a rich stay between its patrimonial jewels and its strong history, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Berliner Dom to the murals of the wall.

Between cultural visits, lively neighborhoods and a lively nightlife, Berlin will make you live a colorful and emotional stay.

Flight schedule : 

  • Lyon - Berlin: every Thursday and Sunday from October 12 (departure from Lyon at 10:00, arrival in Berlin at 11:55)

Flight Lyon Berlin


Hambourg Allemagne

Hamburg, city vibrant European destination

Hamburg is a lively and cosmopolitan port city located in the north of Germany, offering many tourist attractions such as the famous St. Pauli district and its lively nightlife, the beautiful architecture of the Speicherstadt, the local gastronomy with its traditional dishes like Labskaus and much more.

Flight schedule : 
  • Lyon - Hamburg: every Tuesday and Friday, starting October 10 (departure from Lyon at 11:25, arrival in Hamburg at 13:15)
Flight Lyon Hamburg
Madrid Volotea

Even more destinations with Volotea in 2023

Volotea is also opening 3 new routes from Lyon from April 2023: Florence, Milan and Madrid!

These 3 destinations allow you to choose between the North of Italy or the capital of Spain.