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Travel tips From Lyon

Want to escape cheaply for a weekend or longer vacation time? These great travel plans are made for you! Airlines and tour operators offer discounts on many flights to and from Lyon. Immediate boarding!

The most beautiful cities in Europe accessible from Lyon

Berlin, Madrid, Bergen, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Lisbon... the most beautiful European capitals are waiting for you! Thanks to the multiple travel tips from Lyon, citybreak lovers will be able to give free rein to all their desires. Beautiful breakaways at low prices, it’s the time for a weekend or a longer stay.

Tips for a flight from Lyon: a unique opportunity to visit the world!

The world and its range of destinations, each more exotic than the next, are also at your fingertips. The Saint Exupéry airport hub gives you access to different places around the world: Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East or America.
Good travel plans with many special offers on flights from Lyon, you only have to decide where to put your beach towel, taste a fresh fruit cocktail, nap in the sun or dive...

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