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Pedestrian/Cyclist Pathways
Launched in summer 2010, the circuit of pedestrian/cyclist pathways in East Lyon was jointly developed by the Rhône local council, the East Lyon Community of Municipalities* and Aéroports de Lyon.
These routes have been designed based on the Rhône local council’s existing network of rural paths and walking trails. They alternate between wooded areas, viewing points, picnic areas and areas surrounding the airport.

* Genas, Meyzieu, Pusignan, Saint Laurent de Mure, Saint Bonnet de Mure, Jons, Saint Pierre de Chandieu and Toussieu.

Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking with bike racks are available close to each terminal.
• Under the footbridge linking the TGV high-speed train station (after the roundabout “rond-point de l’Asie”)
• Between terminals 1 and 2
• At the exit of the TGV high-speed train station, heading to the airport terminals
• Close to the Air Traffic Control Tower
• In front of the Civil Aviation building
• In front of the MG5 building
• Between the M1 and M2 buildings
Don’t forget your bike lock! 

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